In 1895, in Tyrol, Austria the visionary Daniel Swarovski invented amachine to cut crystal perfectly and precisely. Still owned and run bythe Swarovski family today, Swarovski is the world leader in cut crystalfor jewelry and decorative pieces as well as lighting, architecture andinteriors.

Swarovski introduced their ornate ground crystal elements for usein chandeliers and lighting fixtures in 1965. Since then, Swarovskihas amazed and inspired designers within the world of lighting. TheSwarovski brand is renowned for its cutting-edge design language thatcombines crystal and light to produce imaginative light forms, transformingarchitectural spaces into iconic landmarks of sparkling wonder.

Swarovski unveiled its first premium lighting collection in 2011 at Euroluce,Europe's leading design show in Milan. Since then, Swarovski's premiumdecorative lighting illuminates spaces with its emotional aura of inspiration.Swarovski's contemporary and fresh design language unites expertisein cut crystal with state-of-the-art lighting technology and inspiration fromsome of the most renowned designers of today.

Cutting crystal to perfection is coded in the DNA of Swarovski. Everylighting element is the result of market-leading, one-of-a-kind engineeringand skillful handwork. This unmistakable quality makes a world ofdifference and is reflected in each Swarovski illumination.