The timeless charm of an English mansion. A subtle statement of grace and luxury. Streamlined in form with delicate detailing, marrying the preciousness of delicately cast precious metals with scintillating cascades of crystal, Alea’s classic sophistication blends into contemporary or country decors.


  1. AL6501
    Alea AL6501E
    As low as $729.00
  2. AL6502
    Alea AL6502E
    As low as $1,025.00
  3. AL6503
    Alea AL6503E
    As low as $1,245.00
  4. AL6505
    Alea AL6505E
    As low as $3,735.00
  5. AL6506
    Alea AL6506E
    As low as $4,365.00
  6. AL6508
    Alea AL6508E
    As low as $5,925.00
  7. AL6513
    Alea AL6513E
    As low as $1,345.00
  8. AL6535
    Alea AL6535E
    As low as $10,935.00